Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Beginner's Guide for New Tea Drinkers

Welcome New Tea Drinkers 
by A. Robbins

     If you've never had a chance to experience drinking loose leaf teas, here is your chance to do it the fun TeaVantage way!  It's "Tea Time to Imagine . . . the tasty possibilities!"

     Tea has been around for a few thousand years according to some archeological findings, but in the West, it's been around for at least 400 years. There's plenty of articles on the internet that can take you on a journey of history, but our goal here will be a bit simpler, and easy to follow.

     There's nothing new under the sun when it comes to drinking tea - it's been around for a very long time.  However, each generation brings with it new learning experiences - discovering tea is one of them.  Today, many individuals, both young and old, are still exploring and learning about tea and how to make their own awesome beverages in the comfort of their home.  The cost is also so much more affordable to boot.

     The only difference in this new generation is the vast array of creative blends of flavors and recipes being created by adventurous tea artisans.  We continually push the envelope to expand our customers' tea experience at TeaVantage.

     Our aim is taking our daily growing experiences derived from influences of global cultures and our own creative experiments.  The tea making process does not have to be difficult.  In fact, it's quite simple and a whole lot of fun!  The more you explore with us, the more you will come to discover your best tasting cup of nature's best tea beverage. Additionally, there is also the added health benefits of relaxing and spoiling yourself with some "me time" and a beautiful hot or cold brew of tea.

     At TeaVantage, we know tea drinking is personal first, then social second.  Your own personal style will determine the type of tea drinker you will evolve to become. Personally, we believe your moods and health needs will be a determining factor in HOW you search for your perfect cuppa tea - that's where we come in!  We have fun connecting with our customers to guide them in exploring the choices available and helping you to narrow down your tea personal-e-tea. It's that simple!

     In this brief introductory article, we'll take you to TeaVantage as your starting point for discovering our terrific range of aromatic and flavorful offerings from our growing list of custom blended and single origin teas from around the world.  We're thrilled to introduce you to a wide variety of caffeinated Green, Black and White teas, as well as naturally non-caffeinated teas such as Rooibos, Fruit Tisanes, Herbals and Ayurvedic teas, as well as all the custom blends in between you'll absolutely enjoy!

     We know it can get a bit overwhelming with all the choices available today, but no worries!  We are here to guide you through with just a few questions, and then point you in the right direction of teas to try and how to make them.  We're certain you'll love sampling our teas, and learning about the best way to dial in your taste preference in various brewing methods.

     Our goal is for you to enjoy interacting with us, while having a bit of fun helping you explore all our wonderful beverages!  We look forward to having a cuppa tea with you and getting to know you.  Come tea-tip with us . . . this also includes all you manly men out there too. Come discover the advantages of our diverse commun-e-tea at TeaVantage!  ;-)  We are no ordinary tea company!  Come join us on our social media!  ;-) See you soon!

TeaVantage and You


TeaVantage and You

     Like most, you probably often try to find that personal time where you can sit with a nice beverage to relax and unwind.  Or, to just contemplate in a quiet place to dream about your next plan for the moment, the day or the rest of your life.  A warm, aromatic, soothing delicate cuppa tea is just the beverage to have in-hand to bring you to that place where you can experience yourself and your thoughts. 
     TeaVantage is not just another tea company.  We are a family culture of creative people with big hearts who enjoys sharing with others our creations, ideas, discoveries and friendship.  We believe in taking care of yourself and exercising self-healing whenever possible to in order to live life to the fullest.
     Sharing positive moments with new friends or old friends is the greatest joy in our tea business.  to share the finer small things in life.  moment and zone for your peaceful and productive time.